The Joy of a Ball Weight:


On this Memorial Day I think of those we have loved and lost; those who have served our country--and of course other loved ones who have served in other ways but are no longer with us. There is much conflict in our world and so many things divide us. It's trite but true:  Life is short. That is one of the reasons we are so passionate about what we do.

We are not a big conglomerate; we are just a few folks who love our products, love wearing our products, love experiencing the best life has to offer, love living in joy and love helping others find that same joy. (Yup, that's a LOT of love!) We do believe that you can find joy in better sex!

Below is an e-mail from Wes, a newer customer who is discovering all sorts of amazing things. He and his wife are enjoying better sex!

"Jay - I'm not making any of this up! If it's TMI or too detailed, feel free to edit." [Jay adds:  I wouldn't change a word!]

"Since my first purchase from GearEssentials for Christmas 2014, my wife and I have experienced a delightfully re-energized sex life. One thing led to another, and I've since amassed a collection of 9 cock rings and 6 glans rings, but the favorite purchase to date is the 8oz ball weight - for us both!

"The depth of the ball weight results in one's cock protruding over its edge, increasing the bulge in the britches. What others say about the "tug and the twist" is true. And extremely pleasurable. During daytime wear, this magnifies self-awareness that builds anticipation. The weight against the balls not only tightens the skin around them but also noticeably increases their sensitivity when fondled. Combined with a glans ring, for me the strength of erection achieved is extraordinary. (The glans ring is always slipped off before insertion -  a dab of Swiss Navy All Natural Lube makes that easy!)

"The ball weight stretches the underside skin of the penis that much more taught, adding to a spectacular sensation of length and heightened sensitivity there as well. 

"For her, she's ecstatic about the weight and the balls tapping against her during intercourse and honestly, all that bouncing and bumping adds to my own euphoria. The weight restrains the balls from their natural tendency to retract, so when I cum, the multiple ejaculations that result are forceful and exhilarating for us both.


The Joy of a Ball Weight:  The 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


"Plus, I continue to stay hard, which extends the fun (no pun intended!). In the afterglow, one surprise has been the amount of "post-cum" that releases as my cock relaxes. I've never experienced such volume prior to using the ball weight.

"My next order will include the 16oz ball weight. I've practiced stacking the 8oz with either the Titan or the Imperial to get accustomed to the extra weight and stretch.

"Thanks to GearEssentials, my wife and I concur that "sex is better here!"
"Wes from Stillwater"

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. Wes is not pictured.)



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