Prepare to be stunned.

The young man pictured below is wearing 64 ounces (4 lbs. / 182 kg) of weights on his balls. That's a bandwidth of 4 inches (101 mm). Those are some huge balls!

No matter how much weight you are wearing you will find a lot of pleasure in having these classic rings of solid stainless steel wrapped around your nut sac.


Low Hangers:  Stacked Ball Weights = 64 Oz. of Weight! WOOF!


I wouldn't blame you if your reaction is, "You must be NUTS!" I used to think the same way--until I put my first ball stretcher on! But the pleasure--on so many levels--is amazingly intense. You'll experience the turn-on of the tug and twist of your nuts, delayed orgasm, increased ejaculate and more! 

In fact, more metal = more pleasure! Steve from Arizona wrote the following review on“Started with the 16 oz. and love it. Moved up to the 24 oz and I love the extra weight. Would definitely recommend this product, in my book the heavier the better. The only reason I didn't opt for the 32 oz is that the stretch might be a little too extreme for now. It definitely does what most reviews have mentioned, tugs on the balls and keeps them down low for a mind blowing orgasm. …If you are on the fence with the ball weights, get off it! You will get off more intensely with a weight strapped on your balls, I think Jay could probably guaranty it:) One last thing, I think the orgasms are more intense with the 24oz vs. the 16oz due to the stretch keeping my balls lower. Love my ball weights!”

John from Phoenix added:  "I agree with everything you said you may think its nuts but more stamina better loads and intense pleasure—I have a 2# 2 inch stretch on right now and a cock ring feels great"

You owe it to yourself to try a ball weight of your own and experience the extreme pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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Written by Jay — June 03, 2015

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