Simple Solution for a Rock Solid Dick


You may be a no-nonsense kind of guy. You like it clean and simple. No muss or fuss or clutter.

The Titan .2 cock ring was made just for you. Strip off the excess and go with the bare minimum. 

The Titan .2 is gear essentials' narrowest bandwidth at .2 inches (5 mm). Squared with slightly rounded edges for comfort, this ring is light and easy. Like all of our cockrings it pushes your cock and balls up and forward. You will still get great support. It's perfect for when you want less--but still want the support a penis ring provides. 

Even when you aren't hard and ready for action, it will keep your dick fuller and chubbed (see below). You will enjoy the sensation of your thick dick swinging between your thighs.

When the heat rises and your cock pulsates to life, you will be glad for the extra support and lift provided by your Titan .2 penis ring. The blood flows in and is restricted from leaving by this simple band of solid stainless steel. You will perform better than ever before!


Simple Solution for a Rock Solid Dick:  Titan .2 Cock Ring by gear essentials


Matthew from Maryland wrote:  "I purchased the thinnest ring, with a bandwith of .2" [5.08 mm]. It has a bright, attractive mirror/shiny finish. It has a good weight, but not excessive. The best quality is that it is available in my preferred size of 1 7/8". That is a very rare diameter option offered by most purveyors of cockrings, so I am glad I had that option."

The hand-crafted solid stainless steel Titan is available in four cock ring sizes (from 1 ¾” to 2 1/8”) and five glans ring sizes (1” to 1 5/16”) in either lustrous mirror or tactile brushed finish.

In addition, you can go a bit wider with a .4 inch (10 mm--also available in extended sizes) or .6 inch (15 mm).

Want a simple solution to a rock solid dick? Check out the Titan .2!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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