The Fury:  A Big Cockring for a Big Dick


Got a Big Dick? We've got the perfect ring to enhance your mongo meat. If you like it heavy and wide—a great big, warm metal grip around the base of your massive cock—then the Fury is for you. It's a big ring for a big dick.      


The Fury from gear essentials:  A Big Cockring for a Big Dick


As you can see, the Fury is a bold look. In fact, it appears that you have stacked two rings to create this broad .9-inch (23 mm) wide expression. The Fury looks great under a business suit, pumping your package under jeans or firmly drawing the attention where it should be—front and center in your chaps. A cock ring pulls your junque front, forward, up and center for a prominent display.   

Rider from Canada wrote: "I have the Fury cock ring and I can tell you it is amazing, it gives just that great amount of tug as it is extra wide and that is what makes it amazing. As you become more experienced wearing this cock ring you can begin to add ball stretchers with it to give you that extra tug. I have had the cock ring for about 2 years now and I can tell you it is worth it. Like all of Gear Essentials arsenal it is made from stainless steel and the finishing on the ring is great. You will enjoy this cock ring."

The extra width is pretty amazing. You will know that you have this ring on! And if you are hung you will appreciate the extra support.


Flaccid but Chubbed - Fury from gear essentials:  A Big Cockring for a Big Dick


The Fury is gear essentials second heaviest cock ring with a weight of slightly over 10 ounces (286 grams). The width, girth, weight and aesthetics of this ring combine to promote better sex! Better because it keeps the blood in your growing cock, better because the bandwidth keeps your dick propped up at a delicious angle, better because the weight will add power to each thrust AND make the erogenous zones of your mate tingle with electricity.

Couldn’t your big dick use a big ring?  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Fury Cock Ring: (limited sizes only)


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Big d

Big d

Use to work at amazon and saw some of your products. Bought some online for pumping. The fury is great and wide enough to nake pumpinh less painful. Regular steel rings were way too small and cause severe discomfort. This with my lexington steele rings makes a perfect pump session. So many men and women notice my size. It’s great.

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