32 Oz. Ball Weight:


Are you ready for maximum pleasure? The 32 ounce ball weight will give you that - and then some!

Myjourneyofballstretching wrote:  "I am 25 and one sentence from my boyfriend change some things in my life. One day after we had sex, he said “your balls were hitting my butt and it was the climax.”. With these words i decided i want to have low hanging balls. I look around the internet and found some guides and some forums." 

He decided he wanted extremely low-hanging balls and that a great way to lengthen them is by wearing a ball weight. We hear all the time how much this has added to sexual pleasure.

32 Oz. Ball Weight:  "That can be one freaking good experience"


Janus added:  "There primary task is to prevent scrotum to retracting upward during orgasm. That can be one freaking good experience."

I agree. When you are getting ready to cum, your balls want to tuck up into your body as you prepare to shoot a big load. A ball stretcher delays and intensifies this process. A lot of guys experience bigger loads too.

I enjoy wearing my ball weight all day--I love the tug every time I take a step. Frankly it sends an erotic charge shivering through my body. For "every day" wear I often just put on my 8 ounce (1/2" bandwidth) weight. It is heavy enough to give me the tug and erotic charge but light enough that my balls don't feel fatigued by the end of the day. It also doesn't get as bulky under dress clothes. Sometimes I wear it 24/7 (but just a warning, if you are like me you may have such erotic dreams that you continually wake up throughout the night).

It is key that you find the right size so you can enjoy them without worrying about slippage. gear essentials now has three interior diameters on the traditional split rings. Check our measuring guide for more information at http://gearessentials.com/pages/gearessentials-sizing-guide 

I've written before that I used to consider ball weights a 'fetish' thing. Then I tried one on. I got an instant boner. It is incredibly intense. Now it is a regular part of my gear. I love ball weights and hope others will open up their minds to this experience. Like Janus says, "That can be one freaking good experience."

gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  32 Oz. Ball Stretcher:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-32oz   


[Photo submitted by customer. "MyJourneyofBallStretching" and Janus are not pictured.]


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Amen Janus….Love my collection of weights…and have several that I switch in and out of during a nice lazy day at home when I can just hang out

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