Don't Screw Around: Get the FULL Screw Cockring


There are days when you don't want to just fuck around. You want a serious, seeing-stars-total-collapse-in-a-sweat fuck.

Don't screw around; you need the FULL Screw cock ring by gear essentials!


Don't Screw Around: Get the FULL Screw Cockring by gear essentials


The Full Screw cock ring by gear essentials is a great choice when you want a lot of support but don't need the weight.  Crafted of light-weight aluminum, this ring features our exclusive comfort fit interior ridge for easy wear-all-day / fuck-all-night pleasure.  So light you won't know it's there--but judging by the looks your package is getting, the amazing pump and the support you get when the blood starts flowing--you will KNOW it's doing its job!

When you put your cock ring on, you will quickly discover that it keeps your prick thicker, harder and longer. This means the lucky one you are fucking will feel more and writhe with pleasure! And your sensitivity increases too. You will feel every stroke and thrust of your meaty dick.

Get Closer:  the FULL Screw Cockring by gear essentials


The Screw series is also available in the Quarter Screw (.3 inches / 8 mm) and the Half Screw (.6 inches / 15 mm).  You're sure to find just the right fit and look for you. (And don't forget the Quarter Screw Glans Ring to round out your look.)

Don't screw around--ENJOY a FULL Screw!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Full Screw Cock Ring:


(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photo 2 by Richard Yates.)



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