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Today's blog has been written by Jason from New Mexico. He very kindly sent this review and his picture to us. Thanks, Jason, for sharing your experience!


Hi, Jay & friends at Gear Essentials:

As promised, I wanted to take a few minutes to share my testimonial about your products I've tried so far.

They are awesome! Initially, I was seeking something that would intensify my orgasms and make me blow my load much sooner. In bed, I'm a man who can literally make love all night long; after all, there's no feeling I love in life more than the intensity and romance of staring deeply into my wife and love-of-my-life's eyes while feeling her pulsing body tightly gripping mine from the inside. Ahhh... While that sounds ultra-relaxing and grounding, the all-too-common problem is when I find my wife under me, entire body pulsing with pleasure and becoming hysterical with a wave of intense orgasm, cumming uncontrollably on my shaft, and me... Nothing yet. She'll often blow me to sleep or something, but when she's worn out and I'm not spewing yet - well that just blows.

So, in a Google search I happened upon cock rings and ultimately your site. I was really impressed with how beautiful, hefty and masculine your rings are so decided to place an order for your Omega and a variety pack of glans rings (and a nice pair of handcuffs to play with, too).

Upon arrival, I was totally impressed with the classy presentation! Your cock rings arrive in a stately box with your creative logo embossed on the top. I opened all contents and began to experiment.

Don't laugh, but I'm such a virgin to cock rings (and didn't notice your blog page yet that had pictures that would've explained this to me) that I thought you just pop the ring over your shaft. This is why, when measuring myself, I decided to (with checking my ego) order the smallest size, which I think is 1.5" - you'll have record of that to confirm on my previous order. The result: it fit snugly over my junk when I was erect but slid right off once flaccid. Something didn't seem right since I recall reading online that other men would wear their's all day and sometimes during sleep, too.

[Thanks for sharing this, Jason. You are not alone in this! We appreciate your transparency in sharing this. You ended up getting a glans ring!]

So I returned to your site, finally discovered your very helpful blog pages, and chuckled inside when I learned I was doing it all wrong. I must've spent a good half-hour trying to squeeze my man and his twin brothers through that thing before realizing that it was just too small for me and that I'd either hurt myself trying or get the thing stuck on and have to be one of those embarrassing cases of guys who have to have the E.R. remove my cock ring. I was now enlightened, and ordered in 2" your Torque, the cock & ball cage you advertised for Father's Day, and I decided to throw a black rubber cock ring in for trial as well.

Here's my review on each (if you care for photos in each for your blog please let me know and I can send):

1.  Omega: the first ring I ordered, which was too small for me. However, it is nice and heavy so would feel incredible if it fit right. Feels okay as a shaft ring and during straight sex, as a shaft ring, stimulates my partner's clit nicely. Ok to try like this every now and again to spice things up, but not an everyday use.

2.  Glans rings: These look really handsome on, but only stay on an erect penis. I haven't had intercourse with it on because I'm worried about it slipping off and into my partner's vagina when I'm aggressively pounding her. Have not tried for masturbation yet. These were not my personal favorite, but we're all different. ;)  

[Note: I let Jason know that we are happy to help with sizing. The goal is to find something that fits comfortably when flaccid and is erotically snug when hard. It is possible! You can also check our sizing guide.]

3.  Torque: Exceptional. Incredibly manly, aesthetically gorgeous on!  The best looking one I've tried yet. This is a great all-day wear once you get used to that much weight, but until used to it, may leave your package a bit sore from the gravitational pull.

4. Cock & Ball Cage: My very favorite by far, so far! Since I reasoned that my shaft is going through a separate hole from my testicles, I ordered a slightly smaller size. I wish I did not, as my balls are a bit snug - nevertheless this still made my very favorite. I suppose you accommodate for that change in your sizing. Anyway, what I love most about this one is that I can wear it to my extremely rigorous gym workouts, under my swimsuit (and not just sun-bathing - I am VERY active with mine on!) and even on the peaceful runs through the forest I often indulge in. It positions my entire package just right to keep my balls from slapping while working out, the heft of it pulling on me all day long feels magnificent, and best of all, I really do notice after just a week how much my dick is growing just from wearing this.

5.  Black Rubber Cock Ring: Every guy should have one of these around! At first, I hated it because I was used to your heavier metal cock rings. It felt kinda stupid - but I decided to leave it on all day to give it a fair chance. I noticed that it feels like you have nothing on at all, yet brings a healthy circulation of blood to your member throughout the day. It also keeps it positioned comfortably to eliminate slappage, so I can actually wear boxer shorts - not just tight-fitting underwear - and not worry about the embarrassing "slap, slap" noise my testicles make against my thighs. I also must add that I wore mine to a water park one day. The lightweight and grip of the rubber kept it in place perfectly all day, despite throwing myself down water slides constantly.


In my picture, I'm sporting both my rubber and my Torque cock rings.

The end result: thanks to your products, my goals of more intense lovemaking and being able to cum sooner have totally been reached. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Jason / New Mexico



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