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One thing we really enjoy is getting to know our customers. Wes is one such guy. He is fairly new to cock rings and ball weights but he is taking to it like a duck to water!

A few weeks ago he placed his most recent order. It included an up-sized glans ring (the Titan .6), he up-sized from an 8 Oz. ball weight to a 16 Oz. and he got his widest cock ring, the Full Screw.

He sent us an e-mail with pictures last week (we sure love getting these e-mails!) He told us we could share them with you.

Check out Wes in his latest purchases!


Sensational:  Wes Is CHUBBED in his Titan .6 Glans, 16 Oz. Ball Weight & Full Screw C Ring!


We love what a ball weight does for your cock. It gives you an extra bit of chub even when you aren't erect. It feels great bobbing, twisting and turning throughout your day (and Wes' workout)! It feels great! During sex it delays your orgasm because your ball sac cannot retract up into the core of your body. For many men it also results in a more forceful orgasm with more cum.

Wes writes:  "Getting the s-t-r-e-t-c-h on even more during the morning workout. :-) "


Sensational:  Wes' Dick is Hanging Low--with some Help from his Titan .6 Glans Ring


A glans ring keeps the head of your dick thicker. Look how thick and juicy Wes' dickhead is! Even when you have a cock ring on, it still gets BIGGER!  It's HUGE!

And as you walk (or jog) around it gently massages the sensitive nerve endings just beneath the head of your dick. It's a wonderful feeling and many of our customers have referred to it as a 'mini hand-job in your pants'.  It's a great feeling. The heavier the head ring, the more you feel the sensation--and the more it pulls the head of your dick down so you look bigger at the nude beach, club shower or wherever you happen to be strutting your hot stuff!


 Sensational:  Hang Left or Hang Right? Either Way Wes is IMPRESSIVE!


One of the great things about cock and ball gear is that you can be very creative with how you use it.  Here Wes is wearing his Full Screw cock ring above his 16 oz. ball stretcher. This doesn't add a lot of weight (the Full Screw only weighs a few ounces); however, it does add stretch. Wes has increased his ball sac stretch by nearly an inch by wearing his cockring here. This is a great idea if you want to stretch your sac faster (for bigger balls) but haven't built your ball endurance up enough to wear 2 lbs. on your balls.

In addition, he can slide the head of his dick through the cock ring and pull it through if he wants to double-ring and wear the Full Screw as a traditional cock ring.

Wes hasn't been wearing a ball weight for long but you can see by the photos above, he is really making progress!

Wes writes: "Love the feel and noticing the results.

"There is something sensational about wearing the 16oz throughout the day. But then, I don't have to tell you that.

"Be awesome!"

Wes, YOU are awesome!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  




(Photos taken by Wes. Check back tomorrow for more pics of Wes’ gear.)






Danke, Mark. He is pretty amazing, isn’t he? ENJOY!



Du hast ein
sehr schönes
pralles Teil!



sehr geil!
Ich will gerne Keule Bilder !

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