Ball Weights:


We got a great e-mail from Aaron last week.  He writes:


"Thank you for all you do!  I love my new lightweight Total Plunge!  It's beautiful, something my wife and I love to play with as it really sets my heavy cock up for awesome pleasure.

"Today I couldn't decide what to wear so I'm stacking up for added weight! Going to love the feel of the heaviness pulling at my balls as they swing in my jeans.  My wife RAVES at how my balls slap her pussy when I'm behind her...  She cums over and over, left quivering, heaving and breathless - that's how to make her want MORE!!!


Ball Weights:  "My wife RAVES...She cums over & over" Fury C Ring as Ball Stretcher


"Check 'em out and feel free to add me to the blog.

"As an aside, could you please recommend a good starting weight for a ball weight/stretcher?"


Ball Weights:  "My wife RAVES...She cums over & over" Master C Ring & Fury as a Ball Stretcher

We think Aaron is doing fine all by himself! However, I did give him some feedback:  "Love what you are doing! And I love that your wife is loving it too. It makes us really happy when couples discover ways to make sex better--and you certainly have.

"You have certainly got the drop in your ball sac to wear a 16 oz; however, I don't know if you could get the 1.5" diameter on in that size at this point.

"You probably could but it would take some effort--and potentially some frustration.

"To be on the safe side I would start with the 8 oz 1.5" Interior Diameter.

"This is a sweet weight to get on--you will still get some weight--and it will be tighter than your 1 7/8" rings (you can still wear your cockrings above the weight by the way). 

"This is also a great weight for wearing all day long--and yes, for amazingly explosive sex!"

We suspect that Aaron will have many happy endings!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  




(Photos by Aaron.)



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