We've got the Stripes...You'll See Stars


We've got the stripes--the Fury cock ring. You'll provide the boner and will see STARS! Better sex is just one ring away! So if you like it heavy and wide—a great big, firm metal grip around the base of your cock—then the Fury is for you.

One of our favorite customers is pictured below. He is proudly wearing his Fury cock ring. Notice how even when ‘flaccid’ his dick is thickly chubbed?


We've got the Stripes...You'll See Stars in the Fury C Ring from gear essentials


As you can see, the Fury is a bold look. In fact, it appears that you have stacked two rings to create this broad .9-inch (23 mm) wide expression. The Fury looks great under a business suit (oh, to catch a glimpse of that through the slit in the front of your cotton boxers!), firmly anchoring your leather harness or popping out of your skimpy swimsuit.

The Fury is gear essentials’ second heaviest cock ring with a weight of slightly over 10 ounces (286 grams). The width, girth, weight and aesthetics of this ring combine to deliver better sex! Better because it keeps the blood in your growing cock, better because the bandwidth keeps your dick propped up at a delicious angle, better because the weight will add power to each thrust AND make the erogenous zones of your mate tingle with electricity.

Wouldn't you like to see some stars?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!  


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Fury Cock Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/fury


(Photo by whatcolorareyouwearing. You can seem more at whatcolorareyouwearing on Tumblr.)






Hey, Tony—thanks for your comments. The Omega is amazingly comfortable. Glad you are loving it! ENJOY! Jay



Hi there I got the Omega almost a month ago it is the shit period so comfortable haven’t had it off yet I long skate board with it, go tho work everyday construction some times I forget it’s even on..I Just LOVE it its awesome….

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