Tribal Imperial Cockring:


Are you looking to step up your cock gear? The engraved series of cock rings will take you to the next level. Available in three styles and four patterns, these are gear essentials' most often gifted penis rings. You can see why:  they are unique, elegant and most importantly, do the trick!

A cockring from gear essentials keeps the blood in your prick so you stay thicker, longer, harder and more sensitive. This means you will enjoy better sex! I also love the way my chubbed up cock feels in my pants as I move throughout my day. It's a great reminder of the sheer pleasure we find in our dicks.


Tribal Imperial Cockring:  "The ring has become a favorite"


You can see the Imperial Tribal makes for an impressive cock chub. (Don't you wonder who he is pointing at?)

A few years back Erik, a favorite customer, wrote a review and sent us some pictures. We included his picture below because it gives you a closer perspective of this impressive cock jewelry. Prior to getting his Imperial Tribal, his favorite had been the heavier Omega.

Erik writes: 

"This ring has become a favorite.  I think it is very comfortable and although not as heavy as the Omega, the weight is still impressive.  The lower profile makes for a sleeker look.  Love the engraving.  Sets it apart in style from all those plain rings. 

"...I appreciate all the service you all provided for me..."


A Self-portrait by Erik: "Sunrise Over Tribal Cock Ring" 


The Imperial Engraved is a very comfortable (due to its gently sloping interior fit) solid stainless steel cock ring that has good heft but a thinner profile than the donut-shaped Omega.  As you can see by Erik's picture above, it helps keep the blood flow in your pulsing dick so you are harder, stronger and bigger.  It makes an impressive statement. And an even more impressive boner.

Tired of looking like the rest? Step up and wrap your impressive boner in the Tribal Imperial cock ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Imperial Engraved Cock Ring:


(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photo 2 by Erik.)



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