Ball Weight Bumpers


I've had a lot of e-mails about stacking ball weights this week. I like the flexibility of stacking as many ball weights as I want in order to customize the weight on my ball sac. This way I can also remove one if the whole shebang starts to feel too heavy (I'm sensitive to ball fatigue). 

But you might find yourself in a situation where the clicking and clacking of ball weights swinging from your nads is distracting. Fear not! Just add Silicone or Nitrile cock rings as bumpers.

It's fairly easy to do--although initially it could take a bit of time. The Nitrile or Silicone rings have to go on first. In the case of the guy pictured below, he slipped all three on his balls before even touching his 8 Oz. ball stretchers. I find this easiest to do in the shower. My balls are warm and have descended to their lowest so I have more material to work with. It makes shifting your balls inside the sac easier to do. In addition, I can lather up some soap to act as a lube. You don't want to use actual lube because it can cause your ball stretchers and rings to slide off later in the day as things heat up.

Slide these babies on just as though you were going to wear them as cock rings. First insert your lowest hanging ball through the ring (you can do this one ring at a time or if you are really skilled all three at once). Then push/pull the second ball through the ring. You are set!

Now you may have a second ball that is recalcitrant. I've met many a second ball that just wants to retract and retreat into the safe, warm confines of your body. Not a problem. Make sure you have pulled as much of your ball sac as possible through the ring so there is nowhere else for the second ball to go. Then gently nudge that ball out of its position and through the ring. The first couple of times it can take a lot of patience but as you get the hang of it, it will become much easier. This is also applicable if you are high and tight.


Ball Weight Bumpers:  Stacking Nitrile Rings Between Weights


In the picture above, he is also wearing a Nitrile ring as a glans ring. We love this idea and have used it with customers who are extreme growers. Sometimes the head ring that feels comfortable when you are hard is far too loose when you are flaccid. Not a problem--just put the Nitrile (or Silicone) ring on after you put the heavier glans ring on. This acts as a bumper to keep everything in place. And when you get hard it stretches with your dick.

We aren't all built the same--aren't you grateful for the variety. So Nitrile or Silicone rings are a great way to customize your look and feel!

And no more click & clack when you are walking or working out with your ball weights on!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




 (Photo submitted by customer.)



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