Surge Out of Your SurgeBLACK for Explosive Sex!


A bunch of us were hanging out in the pool the other night and one buddy was wearing his SurgeBLACK cock ring. I am always impressed by how amazing that ring looks--and how amazing it makes the cocks in it look! It made his tool look like he was absolutely exploding out of it--he looked HUGE! 

We know this hot look is a result of its concave design. The guy pictured below is a super hottie and his cock ring makes his thick uncut dick fuller and longer—but the SurgeBLACK makes his already thick dick look even bigger!


Surge Out of Your SurgeBLACK C Ring for Explosive Sex!


This is such a good looking ring. The .6 inch wide SurgeBLACK is crafted out of medical-grade plastic in Minnesota. This material is so safe it is used in medical devices. It has a slight give to it but it's hard–to keep you HARD! (And you will be.) You're sure to be cocky with this one!

Here's a close up from one of our buds at International Mr. Leather (IML):


Surge Out of Your SurgeBLACK Cock Ring by gear essentials


The fit and comfort are great. Like all the penis rings in the ROBO collection, the SurgeBLACK features gear essentials’ signature interior comfort fit so it's great for wear-all-day / play-all-night action. If you are like me, you will forget you even have it on—at least until you pop a woody! Then you'll be grateful to have your SurgeBLACK maximizing your cock's potential!

Surge out of your new cock ring and enjoy explosive sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:


(Photo 1 submitted by customer; Photo 2 by Jay Williams.)



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