Dressed for Success: Young Balls Double-Ringed


It's said that men are cock-centric. All we think about is our dicks--and what we are going to do with them. And why not? Cocks feel good--especially when enlarged and enhanced by a cock ring. My prick feels totally different when I have a cock ring on--not only is it thicker and longer but it is more sensitive and I am more aware of it. (Like a man needs to be more aware of his dick!) There is a sense of sexual energy and power that comes with it. I like it. A lot.

And when I get a hard on I'm thicker, harder, stronger and more sensitive. It's a good thing!

This sensation is magnified when I add a ball weight to the mix. Now my ball sac is pulled away from my body. Even with just the 8 oz. ball stretcher, it adds the right amount of pull. It also gives an erogenous tug and twist to my sac when I move throughout the day. And during sex? Hot damn!

I always wear a cock ring because I love the feeling and what it does for my sensitivity and erections. But now I don't leave home without double-ringing (wearing a ball weight and cock ring). The pull, tug and twist on my nads by the ball stretcher is intensely erotic during love-making and my erections get even stronger and last longer. It could just be my own personal little fetish but I totally get off on the feeling of my balls being tugged away from my body while my package is wrapped up in a tight metal band. And did I mention the delayed and intensified orgasms?!      


Dressed for Success: Young Balls Double-Ringed in a 32 Oz. Ball Weight 


The young stud pictured above is double-ringed.  He has amazing balls for someone his age. He is wearing a leather cock strap to keep his dick thick & juicy as well as the largest ball weight:  32 Oz. That's 2" / 5 cm of bandwidth hanging off his nads. This weight brings pleasure with every step or thrust. The tug teases the nerve endings and leads to even more powerful (and delayed) orgasms. It also stretches out your scrotum so you have a bigger ball sac. When fucking, your partner will also get an extra Tantric erotic charge as it bounces against him or her. Everyone will enjoy double pleasure!

Do you think he'll get what he's looking for?

Dress for success and get double-ringed!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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