Big Balls, Big Ball Weights - Stack 'Em UP!

There are a lot of guys who want a bigger ball sac. One guy told me that you haven't lived until you've sat on your balls by accident! If you want more drop in your sac, ball weights will do the trick. If you want an even bigger ball sac, start stacking the ball stretchers, baby!
The stud pictured below has a HUGE ball sac.



That's One Nice Uncut Cock (17 cm/6.7")


This stud is well-endowed in dick and ball sac length. Mother Nature gave him plenty to work with--and we will see him wearing a couple of combinations of cock and ball gear in the pictures below.


Big Balls, Big Ball Weights - Stack 'Em UP!


Here he has stacked a 16 Oz. and 32 Oz. weight for 3 lbs. of solid stainless steel pleasure. Your reaction might be like mine used to be, "Are you NUTS!?" But the pleasure--on so many levels--is amazingly intense. You'll experience the turn-on of the tug and twist of your nuts, delayed orgasm, increased ejaculate and more!
(Note:  You may have noticed that his balls are slightly purple. This can happen when you have that much weight and stretch on your nads. Just make sure they don't go to a deeper hue or start to feel really cool to the touch. In that case, it's time to take off the metal!)



Grab That Big Cock by the Base! Keep it Hard with a C Ring!


Beneath that hand he is wearing a cock ring (you can see it in the pictures below). This gives him an even better boner. If you want to experience a better boner just slip on a cock ring. As the blood flows into your prick you get and stay thicker and harder. We know thick and hard makes for a better fuck but this also makes for an even more amazing blow job, hand job or even masturbation session!  And as your throbbing cock is stretched you become more sensitive to every suck, lick, nibble, touch and tongue swirl. You'll discover what intense pleasure really is!



Big Balls, Big Stretch!


Here he is wearing a lace-up leather ball stretcher. gear essentials carries snap leather stretchers and they feel amazing. You don't get the weight but you do get the stretch. They are also a bit more forgiving than metal!  However, when you first put them on they can be very stiff. After a few days they start to warm and soften. At that point they begin to feel like a second skin.

I started wearing leather ball stretchers long before I even knew metal ball weights existed. They don’t give the tug and pull of the solid metal but they still provide erogenous pleasure.

A few weeks ago a buddy of mine shared that he fucks with his balls wearing a leather ball stretcher. How hot is that? (If any of you has enjoyed this, please let us know--we would like to blog more.)


Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher for Double Pleasure


I really like double-ringing (wearing a ball weight and cock ring). I often wear the Titan .6 cock ring (like he is wearing above) to give me the benefit of an amazing chub and boner along with the stretch, pull and twist on my balls. During sex my cock is huge and when orgasm hits, the ball weight prevents my sac from retracting and prolongs orgasm. It's an incredibly hot win-win!



Hard Dick & Low-Hanging Balls For Extreme Pleasure


Nothing is hotter than a split ring ball stretcher and a cock ring!  This combination provides awesome ball tug and amazingly hard, stronger and fuller erections. I always wear a cock ring because I love the feeling and what it does for my sensitivity and erections. But now I don't leave home without double-ringing. The pull, tug and twist on my nads by the ball stretcher is intensely erotic during love-making and my erections get even stronger and last longer. It could just be my own personal little fetish but I totally get off on the feeling of my balls being tugged away from my body while my package is wrapped up in a tight metal band. (And did I mention the delayed and intensified orgasms?!)             
I also love that he is wearing nipple clamps. I have found that there is an intense nipple-to-genital connection when playing with your man tits. When you wear a ball weight you’ve got those heavy metal rings tugging and playing with your balls. The same is true when you wear nipple clamps—the weight of the chain tugs and twists your nips for more pleasure. Or just pop the connecting chain in your mouth for even more fun and pleasure! Frankly, this leaves your hands free for other satisfying activities…



Big Balls, Big Ball Weights - Stack 'Em UP!


Now obviously most of us cannot start with 3 lbs. of ball weights! That's three inches of metal hanging on your testicles. Start with the size that fits you best and as you start to notice more drop slide a 1/2" bandwidth ball stretcher (8 Oz.) above your existing ball stretcher to help you grow to the next size. Little by little you will get to the place where you too can wear three pounds (1.36 kilos) of metal on your balls!
If you want to grow faster, wear as much weight as you possibly can for as long as you can. (For example, I can wear the 24 ounce ball stretcher plus an Omega Split for a couple of hours--but I do experience ball fatigue after that much time. If I'm just wearing the 8 ounce weight, I can wear it 24 hours a day without any fatigue at all.) It's like an exercise program--every day wear it a little longer. After you take your ball weights off, use a heavy body lotion or cream to moisturize and soften your balls to help them stretch.
Not only will your ball sac get longer, you will also enjoy the erotic pull and twist of the weights as well as delayed and more powerful orgasms. Who can argue with that?



One Happy Cock!


Better, more intense sex is easy to accomplish. Find the cock and ball gear that's right for you and you will be amazed and the increased pleasure you experience!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos submitted by customer.)



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