Titan Glans Ring:


I love the feeling of a glans ring bobbing on the end of my dick--and I'm not the only one!

Chip from Ohio wrote:  "For some months I have had two Titan 0.2 glans rings, one at 1 ¼ " inches and one, purchased later, at 1 3/16". I stacked them with the 1 ¼" incher nearer my dick head for security in staying on. I was happy this way for some time. Then, browsing the blog, on an impulse I ordered the Titan 0.4. Now I'm stacking all three, as the pic shows. I love the look and the weight. When I walk around naked, which I do at all opportunities, the swing on my dick—the swagger—is terrific. I'm a happy guy. Will I add more? Seems unlikely now, but ya never know . . ."

(We'll be showing you more pictures of stacked glans rings soon! They can be a lot of fun.)

Below is a picture of Heath floating in the pool with a Titan .4 glans ring on the end of his chubby dick. It's a great look whether you are a nudist or just flaunting your impressive package at the gym.


Titan Glans Ring:  "What I didn't plan on was how great it feels when I cum"


The Titans are carefully crafted in solid stainless steel in the USA. These are a bit heavier than our lighter aluminum glans rings so if you want to weigh down the head of your penis for a longer flaccid look these will do the trick.

John from Phoenix adds:  "This is a fun piece of jewelry and I'm really enjoying it. It gives me just a slight tug and a pendulum effect as I walk. It's small enough to stay on during the day but big enough not to strangle me when I get hard. When I'm hard, it's certainly not going anywhere and looks and feels great. What I didn't plan on was how great it feels when I cum. Just a slight restriction there proved to feel fantastic when I reached orgasm. Apart from the practical and fun aspects, this is a nice piece of jewelry to wear during the day."

I agree with John, wearing a glans ring while jacking has totally revolutionized self-pleasure for me. It is incredible!


Chubbed in a Titan Glans Ring:  "What I didn't plan on was how great it feels when I cum"


Like our other glans rings, the Titan .4 fits perfectly beneath the corona of your penis. These are the best quality we have seen in a glans ring--the safest metal for your family jewels and long-lasting--like YOU! The Titans also feature our exclusive corona fit with a squared interior rim to help prevent the ring from slipping off. Because of its lean profile, the Titans are great for stacking or use as a shaft ring. These rings coordinate with the Titan Series of cockrings and are available in four bandwidths:  .2, .4 (shown), .6 and .9 inches (5.08, 10.16, 15 and 23 mm).

It looks--and feels--great!  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Titan .4 Glans Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/glans-rings/products/glans-ring-titan-4-stainless-steel



(Photos by David Lee.)


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I initially ordered the stainless 0.2 × 1 and 0.4 × 1.125 but found each to occasionally be a bit uncomfortable, causing a slight pinching when under my usual compression under shorts. I found that the 1 inch diameter was the best fit for my size, it fit tight, but not uncomfortable. Then ordered the 0.60 × 1 and 0.90 by 1.125 (the 0.90 wasn’t available in 1 inch diameter). I really liked both, but the 1.125 still felt a bit loose. it would not fall off, but just didn’t feel like a correct fit even though I loved the extra length and weight. The 0.60 × 1 was perfect. It felt sexy good, and very seldom if ever causes any pinching. I have been wearing the 0.60 for several months now, having never taken it off, and don’t plan to take it off anytime soon. At first it seemed to restrict my stream when urinating, but that soon subsided to a normal stream. The 0.90 × 1.125 felt a bit lose which I didn’t like. Now that I have been wearing the 0.60 × 1 for a long time, I actually forget about it, even when I am taking a leak or showering, it has become such a normal thing, that I may go a couple days without even bringing it to conscious mind, then when I do think about, it seems really neat that it is there, feels good, looks good. It doesn’t cause any discomfort even under the tight compression Nike slider sports shorts I use for under shorts under the tight Wrangler Jeans. It goes to work, I sleep with it, travel with it, driving long distances and it does seem to intensify a climax.

I really wish that the longer one was available in 1 inch diameter, I think it would feel even better than the 0.60. And I would probably enjoy even longer versions. Would love to see one about two inches long with tapered inside (smaller near the head, maybe 1.25 at the base, and 1” at the head) and with “vent” slots or holes designed into it so that it looked more like a cage, but the holes would allow moving it around enough to keep things clean and avoid preventing air from reaching the shaft, allowing it to be worn for indefinite periods.

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