Resistance is Futile in a Titan Cockring


You may recognize this three-way from a blog I posted a few weeks ago. That blog was all about how irresistible your dick is in a Titan cock ring.

It looks like it's still true!

You know I love my Titan rings but check out what Kev said:  "This thing is amazing, if you're considering getting this and you're not sure just do it. Reasonably priced, fits well, everything looks and feels great, and I've had some GREAT sex wearing it."

I'm all for looking and feeling great and having GREAT sex! You'll discover that resistance is futile. Who can resist the attraction of a rock hard dick in a beautiful solid stainless steel ring?


Resistance is Futile in the Titan Cock Ring by gear essentials!


Not only is your Titan-ringed cock irresistible in a Titan, you will also discover that is has the most amazingly comfortable fit due to its rounded edges. Streamlined and flat to fit under the tightest clothes (or no clothes at all) it features gentle edges to make sure you don't get pinched (unless you want to be!) 


Resistance is Futile: Taking in His Entire Thick Cock in the Titan C Ring


The Titan also comes in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) as well as three bandwidths. (gear essentials also now has extended sizes in the Titan .4 (10.06 mm) size. Opt for the snug 1 1/2" or roomy 2 1/4".) You can also crown your cock with the new Titan .9 glans ring.

Titan .2 

Bandwidth: .2 inches (5.08 mm) 
Weight: Approximately 1.45 ounces (41.11 grams)

Titan .4 

Bandwidth: .4 inches (10.06 mm)
Weight: Approximately 2.6 ounces (73.31 grams)

Titan .6 

Bandwidth: .6 inches (15.24 mm)
Weight: Approximately 3.8 ounces (107.73 grams)


Resistance is Futile: Harder, Thicker, Longer & More Sensitive in the Titan C Ring!


The science of a cock ring is basic:  blood flows into your cock when you become aroused. Your cock ring prevents it from leaving again making your manhood thicker, longer, harder and more sensitive to every touch, lick, nibble, stroke or breeze! Even when you are in a flaccid state your cock remains thicker than normal. Slip one on and prove how futile resistance is!  


Resistance is Futile:  Keep 'em Lingering & Begging for More!


Want to stay thicker, harder and irresistible? Slip into one (or more) of the Titan penis rings by gear essentials and show the world that resistance is truly futile! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Titan Cock Ring: 


 (Photos by David Lee.)



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