Serious Ball Weight Stack; Serious Balls!


I can wear 92 kg (2 lbs.) of weights on my balls--but there's no way I can stack what this stud is packing! He's got 64 ounces (4 lbs. /182 kg) on his low slung ball sac. That's a bandwidth of 4 inches (101 mm). Those are some huge balls!

Regardless of how much weight you can stack on your balls, you will find a lot of pleasure in having these classic rings of solid stainless steel wrapped around your nut sac. Yesterday I was bouncing around in just my 8 oz. / 1/2" (23 kg / 18 mm) bandwidth ball weight. It felt great! There's enough weight there that I feel the pleasure of the pull, tug and twist. It definitely was working!

Today I'm enjoying a bit more weight. I have stacked the Omega Split Ring on top of my traditional ball stretchers. I love the Omega because it's rounded like a donut (toroidal-shaped) so it fits where my cock and balls flare to meet my torso--easily resting above my traditional ball weights. It's a great way to add more weight easily.


Serious Ball Stack:  4 Lbs. of Ball Weights (2 @ 16 Oz. & 1 @ 32 Oz.)!   WOOF!


The first time I saw a guy with stacked ball weights like this I thought, "You must be NUTS!" Then I put my first ball stretcher on. The head on my shoulders said "NO!" but the head on my dick said, "Oh, YES!" and I immediately popped a woody. The pleasure--on so many levels--is amazingly intense and one that I continue to enjoy every day. My love affair with ball stretchers has been no passing fancy! 

Want serious balls? Get stacked!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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