Better Head in a Quarter Screw Cockring


You know that for better head, put a ring on it!

A cock ring makes your cock bigger, juicier and more sensitive. It gives you a more amazing experience when getting head. And for the man or woman giving it to you, they'll feel the difference too. Your reactions are more immediate, your responses are more powerful and they will feel such a sense of control as they make you quake and quiver!

A cock ring also makes your dick feel better when you are just going through your daily routine. Even flaccid your dick is thicker and more sensitive. There is a heightened awareness of the powerful prick bouncing between your legs. There's just a more intense sense of being a man.

Your partner enjoys the benefits too. Your cock stays harder so sex is better. Both women and men comment that fucking (as the bottom) with a cock ring on feels better. There is more beefiness to fill up a tight hole. There is length to reach depths that have gone ignored and untouched for far too long. There is more power and force for a hotter ride! The hard stainless steel also hits the taint (which is an amazing erogenous zone) or clit for even more pleasure for your partner. It will keep them coming back for more!  


Standing TALL for Better Head in a Quarter Screw Cock Ring by gear essentials


We recently received an e-mail from a long-time customer.  He loves his heavy stainless steel cock rings and wears them a lot. But he recently picked up a Quarter Screw. He couldn't stop raving about that little ring. It's crafted from light-weight aluminum so you can hardly tell you have it on. He loves to wear it to work or whenever he is stuck sitting in one position for a long time. The interior comfort rim is exaggerated so there is no pinching or pulling (even after you have freshly man-scaped.) It's light and comfortable yet it does everything you want your cockring to do--keep you pumped up, ready for action and your package looking HUGE!

Another customer e-mailed: "Got my rings in the mail yesterday, and love them!  I haven't taken off my quarter-screw.  Thanks!  -J."


Better Head in a Quarter Screw Penis Ring by gear essentials


We had no clue how popular the Quarter Screw would be.  As part of the light-weight aluminum ROBO line, the ring features our new interior comfort fit rim for easy and comfortable work-all-day / play-all-night wear.  Combined with the lightness of aluminum, it is easy to forget you even have a cock ring on!  (No wonder J. hasn't taken his off yet!)  It is gear essentials' lightest ring weighing in at .85 ounces (24.1 grams). With a width of .3 inches (7.62mm) this cock ring is perfect when you need something extra on your side–and in your pants (but not too much). If you need something a bit wider, check out the Half Screw (.6 inches) or the Full Screw (.9 inches).  All of gear essentials' penis rings are made in the USA. 


Better Head in a Quarter Screw Cock Ring by gear essentials


Are you ready for better head? Keep 'em coming back for more with your Quarter Screw cock ring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photos by David Lee.)



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