The Imperial Cockring:  Ready for Action!

Have you ever noticed how there are some folks who you just know will be fun to play with? This guy has that look. He is solid yet cuddly, smoking hot and ready to roll!

His prick is sticking out and just looking for a playmate. His Imperial cock ring is keeping him pumped and ready for action. It will take whatever you throw at it--and we know a lot of you have a thing or two in mind!


The Imperial Cockring:  Ready for Action! 


The Imperial cock ring keeps the blood in your engorged dick so you are more sensitive—and you have this overwhelming sensuous feeling of tingly fullness. Your partner will appreciate your hard fullness. Your sensitivity will be on high alert. You will experience memorable sex.

The Imperial cockring is like your best wing man. The cross section is oval giving you comforting weight and support. Pure stainless steel means that it is eminently safe around your family jewels. Keep it harder, bigger and longer with the Imperial. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Imperial C ring:


(Photo provided by customer.)



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