Better Head with the Imperial C Ring


I have never met a man who didn't love getting his dick sucked. Ask any man and he can tell you about his first time. Who knew anything could feel so over-the-top amazing? It was an eye-opening/mind-blowing/sensual overload experience!

We can't take you back to the first time, but we can help you experience an even more amazing blow job. All you need is a cockring.

The sexy couple below is demonstrating how big, juicy and super-sensitive you become when you wear a cock ring. The body’s juices flow in but don’t leave your dick meaning you get thicker and harder! And as your throbbing cock stretches you become even more sensitive to every tantalizing suck, lick, nibble, touch and tongue swirl. 


Better Head & Loving that Big Dick with the Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


The Imperial penis ring is one of gear essentials' best sellers. The shape is tantalizingly smooth in either mirrored or brushed finish--your partner will want to reach out and touch it. Crafted from solid high-quality stainless steel, the Imperials are skin-sensitivity safe and will last years and years (and won’t pit or corrode like the cheap chrome-plated brass or nickel rings).

The fit is impeccable—due to the gently rounded interior rim you will find this medium weight ring (6 ounces / 171 grams) surprisingly comfortable. And you’ll love what it does for your dick (and your love life!)

Isn't it about time you got better head? Get the Imperial!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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