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The other day a buddy of mine told me he would never stick a sound down his dick.

Well...I couldn't let that pass by. I've done it and love it. I'm not quite sure what got me started but one day I picked up a sound while in Dallas on business. In no time I had that slender rod up (down?) my piss slit. I was nervous but I'm adventurous. I was amazed at how good it felt. It was crazy! Who would think we would have intense nerve endings on the INSIDE of our dicks!

Let me assure you, we DO!

For those of you who have never sounded--or can't imagine ever doing it, here are some basic definitions:  

Urethra:  This is the tube that starts at your bladder and culminates at your ‘piss slit’. Frankly, it’s where your pee comes from.

Sounding:  The act of putting things up your urethra. Sounding is an increasingly common sexual activity—there are a whole lot of happy tingly nerves in there. A sound is a medical probe that is designed to enlarge the urethra to eliminate blockages. Of course, if there is a way to elicit pleasure we are going to figure it out—hence sounding: the practice of sexually stimulating the nerve-endings inside the urethra.

When I first started researching sounding, I found pictures and descriptions of guys sounding with pens, fishing lures (worms) and nails. I didn't feel comfortable with any of these because I couldn't figure out how to sterilize them. Could this be good for me?

Interestingly, a customer e-mailed me the other day to tell me that his doctor recommends that he sound regularly--as long as he does it safely. He felt that there were some excellent health benefits to sounding. (This is NOT a conversation I have had with my doctor. Yet!)


 Double Ringed with Imperial Cockrings & Stiffened by a Sound


Sounding is actually really easy. You can order sounds from any reputable kink toy supplier (or your local adult toy store may have them too). We actually just started carrying a vibrating sound that is a lot of fun. In addition to the sensation of dropping it down your urethra, it also vibrates all by its lonesome--this brings an extra level of hands-free pleasure.

Some of this information I have posted in the past but I think it is worth repeating. Most sounds on the market today are manufactured as medical supplies from Pakistan. As a newbie, start with something a bit narrower. The sounds with a curve at the end are known as Van Buren Sounds. You can either use the curve as a handle (to make sure it doesn't get lost down there--although that is highly unlikely) or even better--insert that end first. Point the curve towards your body so it follows your urethra towards the core of your body. This will lead to some very exciting sensations! The Pratt urethra sound will do the same thing. This has a slight bend near the end.

Before sticking your sound in, you can heat it or cool the metal--this makes for an interesting sensation too. Always make sure you thoroughly disinfect it before putting it in your body. I use rubbing alcohol to make sure things are clean. (If you skip this step you will likely discover the intense pain of a urinary infection {UTI}. But don't expect sympathy from your female friends. They will likely tell you that it's about time you walked a mile in their shoes.)

Put a few drops of saline solution on your piss slit before you insert the sound. (Some guys tell me they also use lube. I would suggest Swiss Navy's Water-Based Lube since it is hypo-allergenic. Some kink stores have lubes specifically designed for this--you can try that as well. Figure out what works best and feels best for your body.)

The best lube of all is your own pre-cum. In fact, you will find that as you sound you may start to create loads and loads of pre-cum. Can you see it oozing out of Lance Navarro's piss slit below? (But we are getting ahead of ourselves!)


Our Friend, Lance Navarro Slides a Nice Thick Sound Down His Urethra


Are you ready to sound? You've done the prep work, now just lean back, hold your cock gently, place the sound on your piss slit and relax. Your urethra will almost seem to suck it in! Just relax and let gravity do the work. You may find that after it goes in a few inches, there seems to be a bit of a blockage. Not a problem, just readjust slightly to find a good position and let gravity pull it in. You don't have to push or shove. Just let your body gently take it in. You may find that wearing a rigid cock ring acts as a barrier to getting your sound to go deep. If so, try a flexible or leather one.

Once the sound is in your dick, you can firmly grab your cock and you will feel the hard steel core inside you! It's pretty wild. You will also likely have a smile on your face as a result of all your nerve endings getting tickled inside your prick as the sound moves back and forth.

If you want to really be driven wild, get your vibrator and touch the outside end of the sound. Warning--you might just see some stars!

At this point you can gently stroke your dick. Play with the sound with one hand while you stroke with the other--it's like inside AND outside masturbation. As you pull the sound out of your dick you will see strands of pre-cum dangling from your sound to your piss slit. (You won't need lube to put the sound back in since your urethra will be so slick from your own natural juices.) I still am surprised by how much pre-cum I generate when I sound. You can cum with a sound in your dick--it may feel a bit odd since there is a rod blocking the pathway and orgasms have such incredible force. But it is an amazing sight, sensation and experience.

Just remember, you have some pretty tender tissues inside your urethra so be gentle and go easy. Just relax and enjoy the trip.


Imperial Cock Ring

The stud in the first picture above is also wearing Imperial cock rings on his balls and the base of his dick. The cockring keeps his dick thicker, harder and even more sensitive. It really makes for an impressive boner!


Ball Weight

The ring around the balls provides tug, twist and pull as you move. It prevents your balls from retreating right before you come resulting in a delayed and for many a prolonged orgasm. Weights on the balls bring another super-sensual feeling--and popping a C ring is an easy initiation. (This is great when you are playing at home--just note that if you wear a cock ring on your balls during your regular work day, one ball is likely to shift up and out resulting in a ring crashing to the floor. And it rarely happens at a 'good' time! If you want to enjoy the all day experience, check out one of our traditional ball stretchers. You can also read more about why we love our ball weights by typing "ball weights" in the search menu in the upper right hand corner of the gear essentials web page.)

Double ring with Imperial cockrings and a sound to maximize pleasure--it is a "sound" decision!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. Photo 2 by Jay Williams.)





Hey, Philip—I can completely understand where you are coming from!

However, consider that you likely had the catheter DONE TO YOU! When you use a sound, you are in control. You also can react immediately to both pain or pleasure. In addition, you will make sure you have a lot of lube so things slide smoothly. I would also recommend having soothing music playing, the lights down low and something erotically stimulating you to provide inspiration! (And don’t shove anything—just breathe deeply, relax and let gravity do the work.)

I know it sounds counter-intuitive—why would you put something in a hole that things come out of?! But trust me, once you try it and feel that sound tickling those amazing nerve-endings inside your urethra, you will be hooked!


Philip Hoel

Philip Hoel

Okay I’ve had the absolute discomfort of having a catheter, there is no way on God’s green earth, I am willingly sticking ANYTHING in my dick!

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