Back in Black: Triple-Ringed with C Ring, Ball Stretcher & Glans


Look and feel your hottest--get triple-ringed! The benefits are HUGE!

First, your cock-ringed dick stays pumped to the max. This means more pleasure for you and your partner. Your glans ring pumps your head to magnificent proportions. Your full, juicy crown will be irresistible. Lastly, the ball weight hanging from your pendulous nads delay and intensify orgasm--not to mention the deliciousness of random ball play! Are you ready for sensory overload?

In the pictures below, our friend is stacking both of gear essentials’ medical-grade plastic cock rings: the Grip and the SurgeBLACK. He has ‘capped’ it off with the SurgeBLACK glans ring. It makes for an impressive package.


Back in Black:  Triple-Ringed with Stacked Grip & SurgeBLACK C Rings,
SurgeBLACK Glans Ring & PISTON Ball Weight by gear essentials


We love stacking cock rings to give us the unique look and feel we want. It’s an easy way to customize your cock gear. He's wearing two .6-inch-wide (15.24 mm) rings for a total bandwidth of 1.2 inches (30.5 mm). (He’s a big boy so he can handle it.) Cockrings effectively retain the blood flow within his already large prick so when he gets excited he gets even thicker, harder and longer. Sensitivity is also increased which means the feeling and intensity of sex is even better.

He's also enjoying the additional stimulation of the SurgeBLACK glans ring. I didn’t think it could happen but my cock head gets even thicker with this ring resting below the thick mushroom of my head—and the sensitivity makes jacking off or a blow job even more mind-blowing!


Irresistible Balls Wrapped Up in the PISTON Ball Weight


Adding to the pleasure is the PISTON 8 ounce ball weight on his ball sac. His stretched balls are begging to be kissed, nibbled, licked and teased—and he will squirm with intense pleasure. When your balls are stretched the skin is taut so every touch, lick and breeze is magnified! In addition to the increased sensitivity, the ball stretcher doesn’t let you ball sac retract right before orgasm so it is prolonged and even more intense—and lasts longer. (Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!)

Joseph B. from Savannah, GA wrote:  "This has been one of the best things I have done for myself! I have looked at and researched ball stretchers for some time as my sac is always high and tight and I shoot very quickly. Once I finally decided to take the plunge with something that was more "weighty" Jay in customer service was very helpful in guiding me through choosing the right size and weight. I received the stretcher very quickly, even faster than the shipping schedule had said, and wasted no time in trying it on. When I got the package the weight surprised me, even though I had ordered the 8 oz weight and thought "uh oh", but It fits like a glove and feels so hot tugging on my sac all day under my business suit! Lets just say my husband loves the way it looks on me and our sex has turned into marathon sessions now that my orgasm is delayed. Whether I am bottoming or topping it feels amazing! I can't wait to order my next weights and other sex products from Gear Essentials!"


Back in Black: Get a Big Head with the SurgeBLACK Glans Ring


We hate to break it to you. One lick will lead to two…which will lead to more! The sensitivity of his pumped up head as a result of wearing a glans ring is amazingly intense. There will be no holding back!

Enjoy the huge benefits and get triple-ringed!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photos by David Lee: )



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