Darin and His Titan Cockring - Finding the Right Fit


We received the following pictures from a customer a few weeks back. He is searching for the perfect fit. He wrote:  "...I am just getting into wearing cock rings. That said, I am having a tough time trying to find the "right" one.  I am looking for a CR to wear all day.  I've done research online, but can't seem to find anything.  All i fins are warnings about not wearing them for more than half an hour.  Anyways, what would you recommend for all day wear, and in regards to fit how do i know?"


Darin and His Titan Cockring:  Showing His Handsome Dick



Darin added:  "I know part of this question (fit) you may not be able to answer without seeing one on me - haha!  HELP...  I've spent hundreds of dollars trying different sizes, thicknesses, and materials." 


Darin and His Titan Cockring from gear essentials


Darin continues:  "The 1 7/8 seems to to work okay, but not sure i get the slight "fluff" i'm looking for.  The 1 3/4 seems tight in the morning as my balls are really snug to my body and in the afternoon they are much looser and this CR fits more comfortably.  This size I have some difficulty getting the first ball through, but after tugging i can get the ball through.  Also, the width of the ring i'm sure adds to the whole equation, and i'm not sure what width is good for me?  I've attached images of me wearing a 1 3/4" inside dia x .4."

We appreciate the images!


Darin and His Titan Cockring from gear essentials:  Hard in His C Ring


Darin concluded:  "Again, i appreciate any advise/help you can offer me, and hope i can finally get an awesome CR!"

Darin nailed it when he put on the 1 3/4" size. Often our balls are especially high and tight in the morning. I recommended that Darin put his cock ring on while taking a hot shower. This helps your balls relax and drop making it easier to put them through the ring. (The warmer they get the further they fall!)

The tighter the ring, the harder and thicker your boner will be.

Buckeye, from the Midwest, wrote the following review:  "Love the .40 brushed 2 1/4 stainless steel cock ring. I have large balls and its difficult to find a cock ring to wear around entire package. Well this fits, its a bit challenging to put on but definitely worthwhile once its on. My cock goes from semi-erect to erection the entire time I wear this. I periodically have to keep readjusting my package when its under my clothes. That's a good thing as I then just go somewhere and play/stroke my cock, Even if its 5,6, 7x a day. Also can be worn while pumping cock n balls tho a bit snug it is effective. Now if gear essentials can get a 2.5" diameter ring that would be amazing too!"


Darin and His Titan Cockring from gear essentials:  View of the Balls



Another customer e-mailed that he couldn't get his cock ring on. This is pretty simple--again, if everything is riding high, either put it on in the shower or immediately after. Take your lowest hanging ball (one always seems to hang lower than the other) and gently tug it through the cock ring. Then pull as much of the scrotal skin as possible through the ring. Once that is done, push/pull the last ball through the ring. Once both balls are through, soap up the head of your dick slightly, bend it slightly and push the head through the ring. Snug the cock ring against your pubes and you are good to go.


Darin and His Titan Cockring from gear essentials:  Hard in His C Ring


Regarding wearing a cockring for only 1/2 hour, you will see by reading reviews that many guys wear penis rings for considerably longer periods than that. I wear a Nitrile ring 24/7. I do take my rigid C ring off before I go to bed. I don't like wearing one while I sleep because I get amazingly hard erections during nocturnal dreams. I will suddenly wake up with a painful boner that needs release! The Nitrile ring expands with my enlarged dick on so it doesn't cause pain. Research has shown that this is often when vascular damage occurs therefore we strongly recommend that you NOT wear a cock ring while sleeping.

Find the right fit and enjoy your best erection!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


Where to find it:  Titan Cock Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan



(Photos by Darin.)



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