Keeping Things RED HOT in the Great White North -- gear essentials style!


We have a great GearFan, Andy, up in the Northern Tundra who sent us LOTS of pictures!  How to choose? So we are going to share them a few at a time.

The first set features Andy triple-ringed: cockring, glans ring and ball weight. Baby, it may be cold out, but things sure are hot on the inside! He writes:  "Hey Jay, So, I’ve been a bit busy here at home today.  Taking some pics.  I absolutely love your gear.  I think it’s mind blowing."


Keeping Things RED HOT in the Great White North -- gear essentials style! 


The Engraved Master

Andy is rocking the Celtic Engraved Master cock ring. It's a red hot look!

One of the effects of a cock ring is that it keeps your dick at its fullest and thickest--even when you're flaccid. Blood flows into your dick and is restricted from leaving by your penis ring which keeps you fuller and thicker. 

When aroused you will be even larger than usual. Both you and your partner will benefit by having better, more sensitive and intense sex.  It's no wonder that the engraved cock rings from gear essentials are the number one gifted cock rings.

The Celtic design pictured above is etched on the Master penis ring. The Master features a .6 inch (15 mm) wide squared design with rounded edges for insanely good comfort. This is not a light ring. And that is why the folks on the receiving end of your hard prick love it! The 8 ounce (228 gram) weight adds power to your thrust AND adds delightful pressure to your partner's erogenous zones.

Another customer, JB from Texas, said, "Nice fit, stays snug despite the weight. I like the finish and Celtic engraved finish. Much better look than a lot of plated c-rings." (And unlike plated chrome rings, this ring is solid stainless steel so it won't pit and peel--meaning it is MUCH safer for your tender bits.)


 Keeping Things RED HOT in the Great White North -- Cock-ringed gear essentials style! 


Andy is stacking rings up! He's added the Bolt cockring to his Engraved for a unique look, feel and style. He writes, "I think your gear is so fucking hot, it not only blows my mind, but it also blows my cock."


The Bolt Cock Ring

When you need to add some power to your tool just pop on the solid stainless steel Bolt penis ring. Simple, bold and crafted from solid stainless steel this architecturally-inspired gem is uniquely sized at only .4 inches (10 mm) wide so it’s understated but effective.

The blood flows into your dick but is restricted from leaving—leaving you with a thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive cock. As an electrician Andy knows that the key to mastering any job is the right tool…


Glans Ring

Andy's also popped a glans ring under the head of his prick. He's wearing a light-weight Nitrile ring which adds style and, when hard, causes his dickhead to absolutely explode! You know how your dick gets chubbed up when you wear your cock ring?  Well, with a glans ring the head of your dick gets even bigger.

For more pleasure while moving through your day, try one of our heavier head rings. As you walk around it gently massages the lovely nerve endings just beneath the head of your dick.  It is a wonderful feeling and rightly has been called a 'mini hand-job in your pants.'  It's awesome--and you'll leave 'em wondering why you are smiling all day! 


Keeping Things RED HOT in the Great White North -- Triple-ringed gear essentials style! 


Andy writes:  "I’ve been able to finally wear 16oz for several days, nights not included. And omg, every day at work when I’m wearing them, I think it’s like a perma arousal all day long with the tug of the weights. Being an electrician, climbing ladders and coming down from them, it’s intense. I’m looking forward to getting up to the 24oz all day. Which may have to wait a while as I live in the Great White North and winter is coming on now, which means my scrotum will cinch right up making the 24 pretty uncomfortable. But soon. Anyway, here are some of the pics I took today. The weights are the 24oz regular and 32oz piston, the rings are of course, the Titan .6, Master Celtic Engraved, the Bolt, and the Torque. I hope you enjoy them. I know I enjoyed taking them, almost as much as I’m going to be-cum them. Cheers

"PS, I am really hoping that the Balls o Steel are going to become a reality. Every time I think about them my testicles quiver in shear pleasure."  

Andy, that's not all that's quivering!

Keep things RED HOT--gear essentials style! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Andy.) 



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