Titan Cockring: Trick or Treat?


Is a cockring a trick or a treat?

Does a cock ring just trick the eye into thinking your prick is thicker, longer and harder? Does it trick your body's bloodflow into staying inside your rod? Does it trick your nerves into being more sensitive and aroused?

Or is it one of the best treats a man will know? As your manhood gets more pumped--and maintains it--you enjoy better sex (whether solo or with a helping hand). It is basic science: blood flows into your penis and is then restricted from leaving again. Our vote? It definitely is a treat! 

The picture below is from a Twitter buddy, goatguynj. He kindly shared some pictures with us. We posted the first one (a Grinder cock ring) last week. Here he is wearing another classic:  The Titan .2 cockring.

Like all of gear essentials cock rings it does the trick and keeps your prick fatter, longer, more rigid and ready for the long haul!   

The Titan series is amazingly comfortable due to its rounded edges. It comes in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) as well as three bandwidths. (gear essentials also now has extended sizes in the Titan .4 size too. Choose the snug 1 1/2" / 38 mm or roomy 2 1/4" / 57 mm.) You'll be amazed at all the amazing tricks these rings will enable you to perform!


Titan Cockring: Trick or Treat?



Doodah331 from Tampa, FL shares another trick--the arousal of your partner when s/he sees the Titan on your pumped up lovestick! He writes:  "I just purchased my first Gear Essential Titan .2 x 1-7/8" cock ring. Will say that I have bought a couple elastomeric cock rings and nothing compares to the Titan. I wear it like I wear my watch everyday. My fiancé gets totally aroused when I remove my boxers and sees this fine piece of jewelry. I'm already looking for my next piece to purchase, little bigger band and weight!"

Ready to take advantage of this amazing trick so you can enjoy the treats too? The Titan cock ring comes in three bandwidths (plus the Titan .9 glans ring):

Titan .2 

Bandwidth: .2 inches (5.08 mm) 
Weight: Approximately 1.45 ounces (41.11 grams)

Titan .4 

Bandwidth: .4 inches (10.06 mm)
Weight: Approximately 2.6 ounces (73.31 grams)

Titan .6 

Bandwidth: .6 inches (15.24 mm)
Weight: Approximately 3.8 ounces (107.73 grams)

Get ready for your best treats when you trick out your dick in a Titan cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan


 (Photo--& follow—by https://twitter.com/goatguynj.)




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