6 Steps to Low-Hanging Balls:  Ball Stretcher & Omega Split Ring


We are fast approaching the season of resolutions. What am I going to work on this coming year? Some are going to lose that winter "15", others are going to finally learn Spanish. Some guys want lower-hanging balls.

Cesar e-mailed me a while back asking:  "Dear Jay, I would like to get into the ball weight thing, but I am a beginner, which ball weight should I order? My balls don't hung much, should I try the smaller one? Does my scrotum skin...stretch if I keep on adding more weight and thickness on the ball weight?"   

I responded:  Start with the 8 ounce size. It is the smallest but to this day it is my favorite. I do wear a bit over 2 lbs (a combination of a 24 ounce and an Omega Split Ring [see picture below]) but for wearing all day, the 8 ounce is my ‘go to’. It’s easier to get on, it takes up less space in my clothes so I still feel like I can freely move through my day YET it still gives that delicious pull, tug and twist that you want from a ball weight. Even at just ½ pound, this will stretch out your scrotum.

The other thing I like about the 8 ounce weight is that when you DO stretch out and you are ready for more, this is a great size for stacking on top of another weight so you can customize your look/feel.

The picture below shows how it looks (he is wearing a 24 ounce weight plus the Omega split for a total of 33.2 ounces / .941 kg). Often, as you are stretching to the next size, it's easier to slip the 8 ounce weight or 9.2 ounce Omega Split Ring on top of another weight rather than putting on one larger weight. (It can get tricky to get all your skin in.) Stacking simplifies the process.


6 Steps to Low-Hanging Balls:  Ball Stretcher & Omega Split Ring


If you really want to stretch faster, I would pick up the following as your "ball stretching starter kit":


Step 1:  Start with the 8 ounce ball stretcher to get comfortable with the weight on your balls as well as putting it on (it can be tricky—and smaller is easier to manage than a wider and heavier ring).

Step 2:  When you get home from work or when you have a couple of hours put the 16 ounce ball stretcher on as well as the 8 ounce. (If you can’t quite fit all of that on, take off your 8 ounce and just wear your 16 ounce for a couple of hours.)

Step 3:  At the end of the day, take your ball stretcher off and rub your balls with an excellent skin cream (to keep it soft and pliable) dry off, dust your balls with baby powder and gently pull your balls away from your body (like you are stroking your cock--but you are stroking your balls away from your body). Do this for a couple of minutes.

Step 4:  When you get to the point where you are comfortable wearing the 16 ounce for long periods, try wearing it all day. You will likely have to build up to this. It’s like weight-lifting—start with what you can handle and then build up to more weight and more time.

Step 5: When your balls drop enough, add the 8 ounce ball stretcher on top of your 16 ounce for all-day wear.

Step 6: This step can really be inserted anywhere during this process, but pop the Omega split ring on top of your traditional ball weights. Even if you don’t think you can stack more on your balls this will fit because it is wider and tapered which makes it far easier to get on when by all appearances there is no more ball left! Therefore this helps you stretch faster than you would otherwise.

The beauty of these rings is that they are all ‘basic building blocks’ that can be added to larger ball weights as you continue to stretch.

Enjoy your new low-hangers!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Cesar is not pictured.)



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