Many of our customers have commented that they would like to know more about the ball weights before they buy.  How do you put a ball weight on?  How does it feel?  Are they safe?

We are currently working with a videographer to shoot some footage to show you how ball weights work.  They are simple to use (although they take a bit of time to get used to--but then, practicing putting them on is half the fun!)  For many guys they enhance the pleasure--erections are bigger and more sensitive and there is a great tug on your balls.  It feels great!

As far as safety, many guys report that they wear them all day.  I have found that the 8 oz. weight is very comfortable under a dress suit or in my jeans.  I can now wear up to a 24 oz. (11 months later) but do not wear it all day.  I also found that while it creates an impressive package, a 24 oz. weight in tight jeans wears out my balls pretty quickly (but then some of you like that!)

As far as the metal, they are made in the USA of premium-grade Stainless Steel so they won't pit or discolor.  We have been assured that they are perfectly safe to encase your precious jewels!

Keep watching this space--the videos are coming and we are also posting customer (as well as professional) pictures so you can see how truly hot these rings are!  Let us know how you like your ball weights and SEND PICTURES!



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