Bigger, Harder, Stronger...


You have to love a cock ring.  Well, you don't HAVE to.  But we don't understand why you wouldn't!


See What an Omega Can Do for You!


There are a lot of reasons to love a cock ring--but one of those reasons is demonstrated in this picture. Bigger...harder...stronger...  Who doesn't want to improve their assets to improve their performance?!

The gear essentials' Omega penis ring is shaped like a donut.  However, this particular donut won't expand your waistline--it will just expand your dick! I was talking with a customer today and he told me that his girlfriend loves it when he wears his Omega.  When they are making love face-to-face the ring lifts up his balls which gets them more involved in the action.  In addition, the cock ring hits her clitoris just right. She loves it.  Therefore HE loves it!

And we love that everyone is happy!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.)



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