Strut Your Stuff!


Another happy International Mr. Leather (IML) customer "Struts his stuff" with the Strut penis ring.

You will totally strut with a well-fitted cockring. It keeps your prick thicker, harder and totally pumps you up. You know and feel that it is helping you perform at your best and grab hold of better sex. Like the stud pictured here, your dick is pumped, primed and you want to show it off. 


Strut Your Stuff! (An International Mr. Leather [IML] Customer


The slimmest of gear essentials' sculpted line, The Strut is slim, elegant, tailored and very chic--great for under jeans or--in his case--a wrestling singlet.  It makes his package look finger linckin' good, doesn't it?!

Made of quality stainless steel and manufactured by corn-fed guys in the USA--try it and you'll understand why our customers come back for more!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: Strut Cock Ring:


(Photo by Jay Williams.)



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