This gear essentials' customer loves his Omega.

The Omega:  Hot & Heavy at International Mr. Leather (IML)


The Omega is shaped like a large stainless steel donut and is one of our heaviest rings.  Because of the fully rounded shape there are no blunt edges so it is super-comfortable for all-day/all-night wear!*  Plus, the weight tugs down on your cock and balls like the gentle hand of a lover.  (Due to the weight of this ring, it is important to make sure this ring fits snugly--if it is too loose it will hang low on your dick and the look can be a bit sloppy.)  The boss wears this ring almost every day and brags about its comfort.

We love this customer's grooming too--Manscaping makes your dick look bigger and shows off the hot OMEGA!
*A quick note on wearing cock rings while sleeping:  DON'T.  While you sleep you have hot erotic dreams (we hope we are in them) and you spring a boner.  This boner can last quite a while.  Chances are you will awaken in pain--and no one wants that.  We have been warned that you can do damage to your cock if you wear a ring while sleeping so please don't.  We want every time you wear a gear essentials' cock ring to be awesome!



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