First of all, 'this little piggie' is NOT little!


The Torque by gear essentials

The Body by God...

(As Discovered at International Mr. Leather 2012)


He is another happy gear essentials' customer sporting a stainless steel Torque cock ring (and his cock looks very happy!)  This ring, part of our new Contour line of sculpted rings, is .6 inches wide and despite a cross-grain design has very comfortable edges for all day/most-of-the-night wear.

According to Wikipedia, Torque is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis, fulcrum or pivot.  Sounds like a great game of 'sit-n-spin' to me!  (And who knew Wikipedia could be so steamy?)

So undoubtedly this little 'piggie' has torqued a lot since making his purchase.


Pick up a Torque--and let the games begin!



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