When you want to have a ball...don't mess around:  get into a gear essentials' ball weight.

Modeled by our friend (see picture) is the 1 1/2" bandwidth weighing in at 24 ounces.


This past week, we had our IML prep meeting.  Two of our guys had never worn a ball weight (also known as a split ring).  One of the guys had always thought they were 'a little out there' but tried it on and did not want to take it off!

Yesterday we were at a photo shoot and our 23-year-old model took a look at the ball weight with an eyebrow cocked and asked, "Really?"  He put on an 8 ounce ball weight and couldn't stop grinning.  He then grabbed the 16 ounce weight and put it on.  (Most of us cannot step up a size so quickly.)  In fact, he loved the tug and wanted to wear it home with him.  (Keep checking back and you will see him having a balll wearing his ball weight!)  You could have a ball too!


Photo by Richard Yates @ http://web.me.com/richyates/Site/Home.html





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