At gear essentials we applaud your dedication to celebrating National Masturbation Month!

A Little Elbow Grease--Making Masturbation Great (Photo by Boots Bryant)

Need some lube with that?  There are many ways and techniques of masturbating.  Some folks use a sock, others good old spit, baby powder or lube.  If you want to practice 'edging', slick up with some lube and start stroking.  Haven't heard of edging?  It is masturbating until you are right at the edge of orgasm--that tingly feeling that runs from your head to your toes--and then abruptly stop before you actually cum.  Wait a bit until the pre-orgasm sensation passes and then start stroking again.  The longer you hold off cumming, the more intense your final orgasm becomes.  How many times can you edge?  Do you have the will power to hold off or do you give in to the feeling right away?  (There are times when you just need to do it, do it hard and cum.)

Gear essentials offers several lubes:  Elbow Grease, Pjur and Fusion.  We are always interested in hearing what you want.  What do you like to use?  Our friends at Elbow Grease provided us with this picture.  Perhaps this will provide you with some inspiration!



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