The gear essentials' boys are heading to IML (International Mr. Leather) this week!  (And if this picture doesn't remind you of IML, I don't know what will....)

gear essentials' 1" and 1.5" Stainless Steel Split Ring Ball Weights


The leather daddies will be out (and their admirers) this weekend.  They will be sporting leather, fetish gear, cock rings and ball weights.  It will be a ball!  We recently had an orientation with our boys to prep for this major event.  Two of the guys had never tried ball weights before (shame on them--they were severely punished!)  ; )

They loved the feeling!  And so do I.  I have to tell you, the feeling of the tug on my balls when I put the ball weight on is amazing.  I like to have my balls tugged on during sex so the ball weight is like having another hand.  Plus the sensation of my stretched balls rubbing against my clothes when I walk is intense.  The first time I put one on (which was last year at IML) I got hard.  I never thought I would be into ball weights.  Go figure...
If you are at IML this weekend, stop by and see us in Booth 222--I'll show you my ball weight!



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