Another happy gear essentials' customer bought this 1.5 inch / 24 ounce ball weight at IML this past weekend.  This snap was taken by photographer Boots Bryant on the dance floor when our customer lifted his kilt (that happens a lot at IML!)

A gear essentials' Customer Models His 1.5 Ball Weight (Photo by Boots Bryant)


He and his partner both ended up buying ball weights over the weekend (his partner upsized during the weekend as well).  They, like many of our followers, loved the new line of aluminum ROBO rings too.  (He is also wearing a glans ring with a prince's wand.  We are hoping to have our new line of glans rings out by early July--watch for them on

Ball weights were hugely popular at IML this year.  We sold more than we had at any previous IML.  Buyers loved the look,  the tug and how it feels.  Many initiates commented that it looks uncomfortable but were pleased at how great it felt once it was on.  Several new ball weight wearers kept coming back to our IML booth wearing huge grins and thanking us for the new experience.
Feel the tug!





Hey, Randy—he is wearing a harness attached to a cock ring. The beauty of a harness is that when your mate tugs on it, it pulls on all sorts of things— The feeling can be deliciously naughty! We currently don’t carry any (although we are researching it) but there are several solid leather artists on-line with great reputations.

Thanks for the compliment! We are glad you like our products. You will LOVE ball weights (judging by all the happy mail we get!)

Enjoy, Randy!

randy rascal

randy rascal

what is the black strap connected to the top of the cock ring? it looks like a great way to keep the ring taut and not slipping down. please enlighten me. thanks!
PS: love your high quality products. I have purchased several(Titan, Celtic and Imperial) from Edensfantasys and am currently looking at more cock rings and adding your ball weights as well.

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