Don't forget to do your part for National Masturbation Month!

It's National Masturbation Month!

Wondering what the best techniques are?  First get yourself in the right place and mood.  (For some of us that is ANYPLACE!)  Put on a cock ring so that the blood pumps up your dick for maximum sensation and pleasure.  You might also enjoy putting on a cock weight or tying up your balls.

There's the basic:  get your dick hard (some do this by looking at porn; closing your eyes and thinking of an erotic scene from the past or just playing with your nipples, balls or cock).  Then make a loose fist and grasp your hardening dick.  Thrust your dick inside your loose fist and stroke up and down--slowly if you want to extend the pleasure or quickly if you want to just pound one out.  You can use spit, lube (see gear essentials' lubes for help on this), lotion, baby powder, soap (but avoid your piss-slit, this can smart), baby powder or just do it dry.
The basic lite:  Do the above except just use your thumb and forefinger.  This is great if you want to linger around your dick head.  The area beneath the head of your dick has a lot of nerve endings so spend some time there.
Making fire:  Remember starting a fire in Boy Scouts using two sticks?  Rub your hands together--but insert your hard cock between them.  In this way you are rubbing both hands back and forth around your dick. You can also move your hands up and down as you rub.
The helicopter:  This is the basic with a twist.  While using one hand to pump your dick, use your other hand to tease and torture the head of your dick.  This is a bit like the 'rub your tummy and pat your head' exercise we did as kids but a bit lower down!  Using the hand that is not pumping, hold it flat, drop it down onto the tip of your dick head and start to move it in a circular motion.  The effect of the two movements on your cock is amazing.
The deep rub:  With one hand, practice any of the techniques outlined above.  Use your other hand (or your partner's hand) to rub the area between your ball sack and your ass.  Rub between your legs in a deeply massaging style.  Remember that your cock isn't just on the outside of your body--massage the roots and get a bigger orgasm.
The snake bite:  Remember when we were kids and we would grab a friend's arm with both hands and twist in both directions?  We thought this was funny (it wasn't) but it did prepare us for some serious self-pleasure.  When your cock is erect, use both your hands on your hard dick, grasp your dick (lightly or hard--depending on what gives you the most pleasure) and move your hands in opposite directions.  Allow the hand closest to the head of your dick to rotate up and over your dick head.  This will have you writhing.
Frottage:  Rub one out by rubbing--generally 'frottage' refers to rubbing against a partner but if you are like me, this most likely was your first experience with masturbation and cumming.  How many boys rubbed their stomachs against their sheets and enjoyed the warm sensations that rolled up their body from their genitals?  If you are really in the mood, be sure to grunt a little bit too!
Other enhancements:  Be you gay or straight, there are nerve endings in other parts of a man's body that make masturbation even more powerful.  These areas include your nips, ears, face, lips, stomach, behind the knees and ass.  While it may not be practical to rub the backs of your knees while masturbating, you can sure find a partner to help you!  You can pinch, pull and rub your nipples.  (Using nipple clamps with a chain doubles this pleasure--gently tug the chain and both nipples experience pleasure.)  Many men find that this greatly enhances their pleasure.  Some guys like to have their balls tugged, twisted or played with during sex.  The prostate (located in your ass) is an amazing hot button for guys.  It is often referred to as the "G-Spot" for men.  Lube up a finger and gently rub your asshole.  Do this in a hot shower and you will find that everything relaxes faster.  Slip your finger in past the anal ring and do some exploring (if you are in the shower, soap up--that will relieve any concerns you may have about cleanliness).  You will quickly feel a slight knob located where you would imagine the base of your prick to be.  Start gently massaging that as you are masturbating.  I guarantee this will deliver the most explosive orgasm of your life.  (Note:  Massaging your prostrate will not make you gay.  Unless you already are!)  Just remember, this is your body, relax and enjoy it.
Happy masturbating (and feel free to submit your favorite masturbation techniques, photos or videos--we are all trying to learn and grow here!)



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