Sometimes we take old friends for granted.  For me, that was the case for the Titan line by gear essentials.  Available in brushed or mirrored finish, this slim profile stainless steel ring comes in three widths:  .2, .4 and .6 inches.


The .6 Inch Brushed Titan from gear essentials

International Mr. Leather reminded me that I really do love this cock ring work horse!  This IML customer happily models his new .6 inch brushed stainless steel Titan cock ring.

According to, a cock ring makes your penis more sensitive and leads to amazing orgasms.  They say it can also keep you going for longer (nothing wrong with that!)  It also makes your cock fuller and harder (check out this photo for for further evidence).  The Titan also provides a slim line ring that lays a bit more discretely under your clothes.  Of course your package will still be impressive.
So fall in love again--with the Titan from gear essentials!



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