I hope you all don't mind seeing IML customer photos for the next few weeks!  We like it because we can show you happy customers wearing their new rings and weights--many of you tell us that YOU like it because you like to see what the rings and weights look like on (or you just like to look at dick?!)


gear essentials' Full Screw Aluminum Cock Ring


This pic shows the NEW aluminum Full Screw Cock Ring.  At nearly an inch in bandwidth it is one of gear essentials' widest rings.  Yet due to the light aluminum it is super comfortable for all day wear.  (I was on the phone with a customer today who likes HEAVY weight around his dick--if that's you then this is NOT the ring for you!  A lot of women tell us they like the heavy rings on their men--it makes intercourse more pleasurable for them.)  BUT--if you want a comfortable, light option (so light in fact that I forget I am wearing it) the new aluminum line is great.  In every other way it does everything you want a metal cock ring to do.  It lifts your balls, keeps the blood pumped in your cock, makes your erection harder and dick more sensitive--and gives you an impressive package.  Oh, and it's shiny too!

Check out the new Full Screw and enjoy!



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