Once upon a time there were a couple of Minnesota home-grown boys who liked to play with metal.  They discovered that there wasn't a good place to buy domestic cock rings and ball weights.  Seeing a hole to be filled, they filled it!

As time went by they discovered that their loyal customers wanted more!  They wanted to see how the rings and ball weights looked on real people.  They wanted more quality products.  They wanted more information.

Those are all things that we are working on delivering!  If you have been watching this blog you have seen a few changes at gear essentials--and you will be seeing more very soon.  We have added new styles of cock rings--and in new materials.  We've added new products and will soon be launching Timoteo's CellBlock 13 underwear line (we brought it with us to International Mr. Leather in Chicago and it was a HUGE hit!)  This very blog is new for us.  It gives us a way to bring fresh information to you--whether tips, 'how to' or pictures of other customers wearing their new rings and ball weights.  It also gives you a way to talk back.

You have given us feedback.  Some of you say I am too chipper and I write like I am teaching.  Some of you want it dirty and gayer!  Some of you want it dirty and straighter!  You all know we are really just factory guys at heart--and just trying to figure this whole thing out!  However--keep checking back because new voices are coming to the blog.

Better yet, let us know what you would like to know--or read.  Or SEE!  (Also let us know what products you would like to see us create or how to better modify our current products to meet your needs.)

We are also building a new website.  It will allow us to add new products more quickly and serve you better on the 'commerce' side of things (our current e-commerce site isn't as friendly as we would like it to be).

We think gear essentials has pretty cool products--and you write and tell us that they are great quality and last forever.  This life is a pretty cool adventure and we are glad we are along for the ride.  We hope you celebrate it with us and always--ENJOY!



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