Get a Grip!  The clever designers at gear essentials created a NEW ring in a NEW material–medical grade plastic.  If you enjoy having the sensation of a solid cock ring on your dick but want just a little bit of give, the hot new black Grip is perfect!



Another Happy IML Customer Models His NEW Grip from gear essentials


This happy International Mr. Leather (IML) customer loves his new Grip cock ring.  It is an EXCLUSIVE at gear essentials! The .6 inch Grip is constructed of medical grade plastic. We are proud to bring you our first non-metal ring in a material that is so safe it is used in medical devices. Rigid–to keep you rigid.

This is a gear essentials first–and an industry exclusive. It is so safe it is used for medical devices. Hard and firm plastic gives you the unyielding look and feel you want from a ring.

Get a GRIP–and Enjoy!



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