At gear essentials we tend to assume that everyone knows that chrome cock rings–while a cheaper cock ring option–are really not good for you.

A Chrome Cock Ring vs. gear essentials' Stainless Steel (the Titan .6); Standing the Test of Time


Here is a picture of my very first wide metal cock ring (on the left).  In my ignorance I went to the local adult boy toy store and bought a beautiful, shiny chrome cock ring.  I loved wearing that ring.  It felt great, it was a comfortable width and it lifted my balls nicely.  I loved wearing it.  But gradually the love faded.  My classy chrome cock ring started to show a brassy side and then pits, bumps and fissures appeared.  Chrome reacts to the chemicals in our skin and what you see in the picture above is what happens.  Gear essentials’ Titan .6 in stainless steel is on the right.  It is solid stainless steel that will last for years and years.

A customer at International Mr. Leather (IML) last month told us about his chrome cock ring.  The same thing happened to his–however, he ended up in the emergency room with a staph infection (yes, down there!) and was in intensive care for five days.

The goal is that you ENJOY!  Cock rings add pleasure, feel great, enlarge your erections (for all sorts of fun) and look awesome!  They should not endanger your well-being.  Why risk it when you can be happy and sexy in aluminum or stainless steel?



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