Dinner conversation at my house can get interesting.  Last night we had a group of people over and, knowing what I do for a living, the conversation turned to things sexual.  One of my favorite couples–straight–was curious about ball weights and cock rings.  (They haven’t tried them–YET!)  And then the inevitable questions:  why on earth would anyone wear one?  Who wants their balls stretched to here?  Doesn’t it HURT!?

An IML Hot Shot: The gear essentials' 8 oz. Ball Weight on One Very Hot Dick


Let’s tackle the questions:  “Why on earth would anyone wear one?” and “Doesn’t it hurt?”  I have to chuckle:  gear essentials has sold thousands of ball weights–and all to folks who have willingly (and eagerly) bought them!  Granted, some lay on multiple weights and enjoy a bit of pain.  But the vast majority of men wear them because it feels GOOD!  They love the feeling a ball weight gives them:  increased sensitivity and a tug to the balls.  Additionally, the sensation of touch on the stretched balls can be amazing.

“Who wants their balls stretched to here?”  Some guys do want to stretch their balls.  Some have ‘high and tights’ and wish they had low hangers.  Ball weights will help with that.  Others just wear them to enjoy the increased stimulation–for themselves and their partners–that a split ring ball weight brings.

The photo above was taken at International Mr. Leather last May.  This man (with a very hot dick) was totally jazzed with his new gear essentials’ 8 ounce ball weight (and a little excited too).  This is a great first ball weight.  It weighs a half pound and can be worn comfortably all day if you like.  It is also much easier to get on for the first-time wearer (particularly if you are a high-and-tight guy!)

Oh, and it looks sexy as hell!




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