Back to the party conversation the other night:  we eventually moved on to discussing erogenous zones.  (Erogenous zones are those areas of your body that have heightened sensitivity–when touched you go wild!)  I find that my zones can shift–and that is part of the fun!  (Note:  There will be another blog on erogenous zones soon.)

Sensitizing Nips with Tit Clamps.       

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A female friend commented that she just doesn’t get nipples.  Her partner agreed.  He has never found pleasure in having his nipples played with either.  I shared the story of my partner wearing nipple clamps for the first time.  Since then nipple play unlocks a lot of sexual doors!  Things get wild!  Prior to that the nipples were just a bit of the body’s wasted real estate.

Are your nipples dead to you too?  There may still be hope!  Early in my sexual discovery I played with wooden clothes pins.  While these are not very precise they sure worked in a pinch (pardon the pun!)  (The problem with the clothes pins is that they can twist and pop off–which is an experience in itself!)  After using clothes pins I discovered that I had more sensitivity in my nips and my body was getting more responsive to manual or oral stimulation of them.

If a little is good, more is better:  I started playing with adjustable tit clamps.  These were awesome.  They were smaller so they fit better, I could adjust the amount of pressure (too much pain was not pleasurable for me) and the connecting chain increased the possibilities and pleasure!  My nipples became even more sensitive to the point where the merest brush of the lips would send shivers through my body.

When masturbating with nipple clamps on, I found that I could masturbate with one hand while tugging on the tit clamps’ connecting chain with the other–this gave me stimulation in three areas instead of two.  When I rolled the chain up and down on my stomach the number of stimulated areas increased to four.  THAT is having a party by yourself!

Add a cock ring (or stack cock rings) and a ball weight and you just might hit orgasm overload!  (And this is precisely why gear essentials added tit clamps to the web store!)

One word of warning–after putting the nipple clamps on you may think, “Gee, what was the big deal?  This doesn’t hurt!”  It doesn’t hurt until you take them off.  Then, for a few seconds, the pain and intensity is almost overwhelming.  I have to add though that this period of intensity becomes a turn on as well.  My partner found that for about 24 hours after wearing tit clamps the merest brush of clothing sent a vivid reminder and shudder throughout the body.  The high beams stay on!

Are tit clamps for everyone?  Perhaps not but I encourage you to give it a try.  Open your mind to all the wonderful feelings and waves of intense orgasm you can experience. This may also be what you need to get out of a sexual rut.  Life is short.  Enjoy!



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