Our very first customer at International Mr. Leather in May was another vendor.  His company produces adult videos which might explain why he was very comfortable trying cock rings on in the middle of the Hyatt ballroom where we were set up.  (This set the tone for the weekend too!)  He wanted to ensure a perfect fit so he started pulling on his dick.

An IML Vendor Takes His New Omega Cock Ring by gear essentials for a Test Drive


In this picture, the first of several we will be posting, you can see how the blood is flowing into his hardening cock.  He enjoyed the feeling this heavy stainless steel cock ring gave him.  There is something solid and comforting about this ring.  If you are into weight, at 11 ounces, this is the one for you. 

(Side note:  you can also see why we recommend a bit of manscaping.  Not only does it help show off your new jewelry, it also avoids getting pubes caught in your cock ring.  This is generally not an issue with the Omega because of its ultra smooth donut shape; however, it does look better when you are trimmed.  Manscaping also makes your dick look bigger.)

Stay tuned for more pictures of the uber-sexy Omega by gear essentials!  Tomorrow you will see a ‘hands free’ shot! ENJOY!



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