As mentioned yesterday, our first International Mr. Leather sale was to a fellow-vendor.  He wanted to make sure his new Omega cock ring fit when he was hard.  (It did!)

Hard in His Omega Cock Ring by gear essentials @ IML


You can see his hard dick pointing out from his jock.  The brushed stainless steel finish of the Omega looks sexy nestled in his jock strap and cargos.  (It also comes in a mirrored finish.)  This ring is one of our heaviest at 11 ounces.  Our customers (both straight and gay) report that their partners love the feeling of this cock ring during sex.  It adds weight to the thrust and depending on positions can hit erogenous zones in just the right way.  We suspect that this one (pictured above) can be quite the hot piston!

So get your ‘piston’ on!  Try the sexy Omega cock ring by gear essentials and hear your partner scream with delight!  And ENJOY!



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