gear essentials just received another great review--this one is from Cybersocket!  We'll admit that we are pretty proud of what we do--but it sure feels good to read nice things!  Here is the review:


Because You’re Worth It

Looking for the best cock rings available?  If so, look no further than Gear Essentials.  Made with pride in Minnesota, these precision-machined cock rings are each hewn from a solid piece of metal.  There are ten different models available and each one of them offers a subtly different aesthetic and unique performance characteristics.  We were able to check out cock rings from the Grinder series, the Fury series, and the Bolt Series.  When you first see all of the different types online, they may initially seem to look alike.  However, once you examine them closely you’ll begin to notice that they’ve each been carefully sculpted to accommodate a variety of body shapes and play preferences.  After 13 years of product reviews, we’ve seen a lot of cock rings – but the ones from Gear Essentials are the most well constructed models we’ve ever reviewed.  The quality is evident before you even unpack the cock rings, since each one is packed inside a decorative storage can with a black velvet bottom and a padded lid.

Most people have only ever experienced low-end cock rings made of silicone, so it’s not surprising that people often expect metal cock rings to be uncomfortable.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite.  Once you’ve felt the carefully balanced weight of these cock rings and discovered the metal’s unique ability to be both unyielding and yet soft to the touch, you won’t settle for anything less.  Initially we were concerned that there might be sharp edges, but the cock rings from Gear Essentials are designed with comfort as their primary objective.  There are no hard edges, and you’re actually more likely to experience discomfort while wearing a stretchy silicone cock ring.  With their precise sizing options and durable construction, these modestly priced cock rings are built to last for a lifetime.





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