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At gear essentials, we love hearing from our customers (especially when they say good things). Jimmy is one such fan. He LOVES his Imperial cock ring.


Jimmy's brushed 2 1/8" (HUGE!) Imperial from gear essentials (& his Prince Albert)


Jimmy writes:

Hello there! Thought you might want to hear from a customer who's a big fan of your products!

I bought my first Gear Essentials cock ring several years ago (I think you only sold the Titan, Imperial, Master, and Omega at the time) based on a friend's recommendation. I'd purchased a number of cheap, low-quality rings before, but as soon as I saw the pictures on your website, I knew I'd never buy from anyone else again. I wanted something substantial, so I chose the 2 1/8" Imperial, and boy was I not disappointed! Talk about weight! Whether I'm wearing it under my clothes (what a bulge!) or using it to service my partner (we both moan with pleasure), I know it's there, getting the job done with authority! In fact, when I take it off after extended wear, I almost feel light on my feet. LOL! Since then I've purchased a Titan and I'm in the market for a third. Decisions, decisions. :)

I've attached a number of pix of me proudly displaying your product and ready for action! Please feel free to use any of them in your blog, as well as any parts of my testimonial you need.


-2 1/8" brushed finish Imperial

-7 1/2" Mr. P

-4g PA piercing

-12g guiche piercing


A fan for life, Jimmy


(We will be posting more pictures of Jimmy over the next few days--including one showing his guiche. Check back!)

gear essentials...Sex is better here!  ENJOY!
(Photo by Jimmy.)



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