There are only two more pictures in our series showing our hard-dicked first customer from this past International Mr. Leather (IML). (Scroll back to see more pictures in this series.) His eye was quickly drawn to the brushed stainless steel Omega cock ring. He wanted to ensure a perfect fit so he put it on and started wanking his dick.

HARD COCK at IML 2012: gear essentials' Omega Cock Ring


This customer left a very satisfied man! As one of gear essentials' heaviest cock rings (at 11 ounces) you know you are wearing this rock solid piece of stainless steel around your equally hard dick. Its smooth rounded shape lifts and cradles your balls while performing its function: keeping the blood in your dick thereby making you fuller, thicker, harder and ready for action. Your senses are heightened resulting in better orgasms and better sex.
And it looks hot.
Doesn't your sex life deserve an Omega?




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