Get the job done with authority!

Jimmy signed his e-mail to us "A fan for life". We love that--and we love that Jimmy sent a series of pictures of his 7 1/2" dick in a gear essentials' Imperial cock ring.


Jimmy's Thick Dick in His 2 1/8" Imperial Cock Ring (& His PA)

[Note the electric shaver--we love manscaping--it shows off your cock ring and makes you look bigger!]


Jimmy wrote: "I wanted something substantial, so I chose the 2 1/8" Imperial, and boy was I not disappointed! Talk about weight! Whether I'm wearing it under my clothes (what a bulge!) or using it to service my partner (we both moan with pleasure), I know it's there, getting the job done with authority!"
The Imperial is not gear essentials' heaviest--but it does weigh in at around six ounces. Jimmy also writes: "I bought my first Gear Essentials cock ring several years ago...based on a friend's recommendation. I'd purchased a number of cheap, low-quality rings before, but as soon as I saw the pictures on your website, I knew I'd never buy from anyone else again."
Jimmy and his partner love his cock ring--it gets the job done with authority! Check out the Imperial and add a little authority to your life!
{Note: Jimmy is holding an electric shaver--we appreciate the manscaping!}






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